US Embassy Database

An embassy is a diplomatic mission present in another country to represent a country’s government outside of its borders, primarily for diplomatic matters. Permanent missions such as embassies are headed by ambassadors, who typically reside within the chancery or the building in which they work. Consulates are similar to embassies, but have a more specific focus; they handle passport and visa matters with individual persons and businesses.

Like its home country, the embassy is governed by the laws and regulations of its homeland; in which case, an embassy is often viewed as the soil of the country that established it. In other words, an United States embassy is viewed as American soil, subject to the same laws and jurisdiction, as if the embassy were located in the continental United States.

Embassies also provide a host of services both to its home county and its people. For instance, like consulates it provides consular services to nationals residing in or near the embassy’s country of residence. It also processes visas for foreigners wishing to travel to the embassy’s homeland or country.

Embassies are also responsible for representing their country’s commercial interests in its residing country. Therefore, embassies frequently host meetings between officials in the embassy’s local country and those in the embassy’s home country to discuss economic and development interests.

However, perhaps most importantly, the embassy is responsible for representing the official position of its government in a foreign land. Often an ambassador is called to speak with government officials in the residing country to explain their government’s position and interests.  For example, the US may ask the ambassador of China to explain the United States’ position on a particular issue to the Chinese president.  Often these measures are enacted when one government is displeased or has concerns about the policies of another government.

Nearly every government has hundreds of embassies all over the globe. Below are merely a few of the US embassies on each continent, not including Antarctica.

US Embassies in Africa
Cameroon: Yaounde
Ethiopia: Addis Ababa
Ghana: Accra
Liberia: Monrovia
Mali: Bamako
Kenya: Nairobi
Chad: N’Djamena

Egypt: Cairo
Morocco: Rabat
Sudan: Khartoum

US Embassies in Asia
China: Beijing
Japan: Tokyo
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Philippines: Manila
Thailand: Bangkok
India: New Delhi
Pakistan: Islamabad
Bangladesh: Dhaka
Sri Lanka: Colombo

US Embassies and Consulates in Australia
Australia: Canberra
Australia: Perth
Australia: Sydney
Australia: Melbourne

US Embassies & Consulates in North America
Canada: Montreal
Canada: Ottawa
Canada: Quebec
Canada: Toronto
Canada: Vancouver
Mexico: Mexico City
Mexico: Ciudad Juarez
Mexico: Hermosillo
Mexico: Merida
Mexico: Guadalajara

US Embassies in South America
Brazil: Brasilia
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Chile: Santiago
Ecuador: Quito
Panama: Panama City
Peru: Lima
Nicaragua: Managua
Honduras: Tegucigalpa
El Salvador: San Salvador
Costa Rica: San Jose

US Embassies in Europe
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin
Belgium: Brussels
Italy: Rome
Portugal: Lisbon
Poland: Warsaw
Spain: Madrid
Ireland: Dublin
Sweden: Stockholm

The US Embassy in Tokyo