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A Historical Look at The STAT-USA Project


STAT-USA was a paid subscription service that collected and disseminated economic, demographic and other statistical information from hundreds of government agencies. The service was discontinued on September 30, 2010. Today, the information previously provided by STAT-USA is compiled by individual agencies and offered on the agency’s website free of charge. The U.S. government also offers a website that hosts links to each individual agency’s statistics.

Agencies and Statistics
-The Administration For Children And Families is a part of the Department of Health and Human Services. It covers statistics pertaining to government programs for children.

-The Bureau Of Economic Analysis is a bureau of the Department of Commerce and tracks gross domestic product as well as the economic situations of corporations and individuals. The agency’s statistics are available online.

-The Bureau Of Justice Statistics collects and analyzes statistics on crime and the functionality of the judicial branch of government. It also tracks demographics on criminals and crime victims.

-The Bureau Of Labor Statistics provides statistics on employment and unemployment, including projections on the future of individual occupations. They also track wages and benefits.

- The Bureau Of Transportation Statistics is the sector of the Department of Transportation that handles the organization’s statistics on transportation-related programs and systems.

-The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a survey of all U.S. households every ten years in order to collect demographic data. Statistics obtained through this bureau are known as “census data.”

- The Drug Enforcement Administration, an agency of the Department of Justice, produces data and provides statistics related to illegal drugs and the enforcement of drug laws.

-The Economics And Statistics Administration is a part of the Department of Commerce that collects statistics from other agencies as well as conducting original research as mandated by Congress. This is the agency that once ran the STAT-USA system.

-The Employment And Training Administration offers statistics on Unemployment Insurance as well as employment training and job searches within the labor market.

-The Environmental Protection Agency surveys the quality of the air, water and earth and offers statistics on these topics.

-The Foreign Agricultural Service operates as an agency of the Department of Agriculture. They report statistics on the demand and price of commodities worldwide.

-The Interagency Forum On Child And Family Statistics is a collaboration between several agencies that work together to improve standards for collecting and reporting statistics on youth and families with children.

-The International Trade Administration provides statistics on importation, exportation and foreign market situations. They also work with information about international tourism both from and to the U.S.

-The National Agricultural Statistics Service is the branch of the United States Department of Agriculture that collects and analyzes statistics on farms, farmland and farmers.

-The National Center For Education Statistics is the agency that maintains statistics on the educational system in the United States, including early childhood care, public and private schools and libraries.

-The National Center For Health Statistics collects general-purpose statistics related to health, disease, birth and death. It is a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

-The National Science Foundation studies the demographics of those who work in the scientific community and compiles statistics on their studies. The agency also funds science research.

-The Office Of Immigration Statistics is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. It offers statistics on immigrants, visitors and refugees.

-The Office Of Management And Budget, a part of the Executive Office of the President, is charged with overseeing the Federal budget. It provides statistics on federal spending.

-The Small Business Administration tracks economic and demographic information that concerns small businesses and publishes the statistics.

-The Social Security Administration Office Of Policy offers statistics on elderly citizens as well as the disabled. They also collect information on the effectiveness of Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

-The Statistics Of Income is a part of the Internal Revenue Service. They provide statistics on the finances of individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations.