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Public Administration Education

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I have the consolation of having added nothing to my private fortune during my public service, and of retiring with hands clean as they are empty.” In contemporary society, public administration plays a vital role in shaping the world’s agenda. Acting out by implementing policies and regulated ideas, these civil workers serve the public in the local and federal division.

A degree in this major usually would give the student an insight into a competitive organization and a non-profit company. This would allow the student to be able to flexible in both settings, and a background into both scenarios would allow for an “out of the box” idea.

Like many other majors, it would be possible to specialize in public administration by focusing on a certain aspect such as the following: governance, finance, or even administration. This would allow for the student to be able to look into specific jobs within the local or federal level.

However, motivation and persistence are two desired characteristics that students should aim to have; this is because you will be working on certain ideas that have not yet been implemented. In other words, most of your work will be based on abstract concepts such as evaluating performances.

In order for a person to be successful in a public administrative career in contemporary society, that person should have a college degree. Besides learning about various computer applications, the student should be able to learn about various “soft” skills that involve human interaction and a judgmental intuition. With a college degree, the person will be able to work in human resource or even in executive positions.

In order to be an efficient employee, workers are encouraged to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in public administration. This Bachelor’s program usually integrates coursework with in-field settings to create a very interactive curriculum. This would enable students to study in “real life” settings. These degrees can be specialized into various subdivisions such as the following: program development, public policy, public finance, human resource, management values, etc.

Upon obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, you can further advance your education by getting a Masters degree either in Business Administration or Public Administration. These degrees, which usually require three years, helps to broaden your horizons by building a solid understanding of the business world.

To be the highest educated person in your field, you can go to get a Doctorate Degree in either public administration or in public policy. While the curriculum would be much harder and specialized, the degree is usually encouraged for those people who would be interested in working in administrative positions, managing offices and companies.

These college programs that offer these degrees are very competitive; as a result, they set their own admission requirements. However, in the Bachelor’s degree, college usually look at the students’ standardized test score and their GPA in high school, and a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is required.

In the Masters level, colleges require students to have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0; nevertheless, those with lower GPA are also encouraged to apply. Besides having a high GPA, they are also required to complete certain pre-requisite courses in the Bachelor’s level such as a statistics course, a macroeconomic course, and a government course. Usually, various essays, recommendation letters, and a successful Bachelor’s diploma is required.

Finally, for those people aiming for the very top, students are required to have completed a thesis in their Master’s level, and they must also have earned a high GPA. In addition, those students accepted for the Doctorate program are those who have excelled academically in their Bachelor and Master’s level. To complete this program, there is a required minimum number of credit course, and there is also a mandatory dissertation that is strictly evaluated.

There are 122 Certificate diplomas, 133 Associate’s diplomas, 2,677 Bachelor’s diplomas, 182 Graduate Certificates, 9,737 Master’s degree, and 113 Doctorate diplomas awarded each year. With a degree in Public Administration, you can become an auditor, field examiner, an administrative officer, or even a budget analyst.

You can continuously further your career through education and experience, and you can even reach the very top of the social ladder. The options are countless, and the benefits are tremendous.